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Highlands End is also a working farm as well as a holiday park, and is home to a small herd of alpacas who live in an enclosure at the front of the park, outside Martin’s Bar & Restaurant. Sometimes not all of the herd live in the pen at the front of the park, so you might not see all of them there. They also might look a little different to their pictures, depending on how much wool they’ve grown!

Guests are welcome to say hello to them from outside of their enclosure, however their welfare and safety is important to us, so there are some things to remember when you interact with them:

  • Alpacas eyesight is very sensitive, so please do not stroke their faces.

  • Some of them are pregnant and must not experience too much stress or excitement.

  • Please keep children calm and quiet and do not allow dogs up to the fence.

  • Warning – if feeling threatened, alpacas are known to spit!

  • Their diet is controlled so please do not feed them.

Some fascinating alpaca facts:

  • Alpacas are pregnant for 11.5 months and tend to give birth in the morning, on warm, dry days. If it’s raining, they won’t give birth!

  • Baby alpacas are called cria.

  • Alpacas are a member of the camel family – they are not related to sheep even though they do get on very well.

  • They are primarily bred for their wool, which is one of the most luxurious fibres in the world! The wool from ours goes to a company in Devon who make it into socks!

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