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The Marshwood Vale

The Marshwood Vale is a stunning area of countryside in West Dorset, between the border with East Devon and the town of Bridport. The low-lying bowl shaped valley is surrounded by some of the biggest hills and hillforts in the area, including Pilsdon Pen, Lewesdon Hill, Colmer’s Hill, Eggardon Hill and Lambert’s & Coney’s Castle.

All of the vale lies within the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). It consists of narrow lanes, small villages, farms, copses and ancient woodlands. It’s a charming and traditional area where time stands still and a great place to walk and cycle. It’s well worth visiting hilltops like Pilsdon Pen (highest hill in Dorset), Lambert’s Castle and Lewesdon Hill (highest hill in Dorset) for fantastic views over miles of countryside, with sea glimpses. On cold clear mornings, the valley is often covered in a beautiful low-lying mist.

Where to find The Marshwood Vale

The Marshwood Vale
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4.1 miles from Highlands End and Eype Beach

5.2 miles from Golden Cap

6.9 miles from Graston Copse

25.4 miles from Sandyholme

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The Marshwood Vale features in 1 of our itineraries...

A Bike Ride Through The Marshwood Vale

Places to visit include Bridport Cycle Hire, The Marshwood Vale, Pilsdon Pen, among others

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