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Lambert’s & Coney’s Castle

The hill forts of Lambert’s and Coney’s Castle are less than 1 mile apart and both offer incredible views across the Marshwood Vale countryside.

Lambert’s Castle dates back 2,500 years and was constructed by a local tribe. The bank and ditch are prominent from the western entrance by the National Trust car park. In more recent history, Lambert’s Castle was host to a horse-racing track and a fair. Over at Coney’s Castle, a little further south and also with a small car park, the ramparts enclose two separate areas, suggesting it may have been a larger hill fort that was reduced in size.

Both hill forts offer relatively level walks and plenty of open space. Please note livestock may be grazing, so it is best to keep dogs on leads. It makes a great walk to incorporate Lambert’s and Coney’s Castle with a visit to Pilsdon Pen and even Lewesdon Hill if you’re feeling adventurous.

If you’re an early bird, this is one of the best spots in Dorset for a sunrise, particular between October and March. On a clear morning you may see mist or fog filling the valley floor below you.

Where to find Lambert’s & Coney’s Castle

Lambert’s & Coney’s Castle
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12.9 miles from Highlands End and Eype Beach

10.7 miles from Golden Cap

16.1 miles from Graston Copse

35.8 miles from Sandyholme

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