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Kimmeridge Bay

The picturesque rocky bay at Kimmeridge provides a great playground for exploring the marine world. There are hundreds of rock pools which are home to a vast array of sea creatures and vegetation. This makes it an ideal location for making new discoveries. The bay is naturally sheltered and usually has crystal clear waters making it safe for taking a dip and having a snorkel about.

There is also a boat launch area so bring along any water craft such as dingy boats and kayaks to use here. Just outside the bay the area can also benefit from some swell so surfing and body boarding can occasionally be enjoyed here too.

If you want to stretch your legs take a stroll up the hill to the East to explore the coast path leading to Clavell Tower. From here you get a great view back down into the bay. There are toilets just by the car park and usually an ice cream van to buy a treat. Back up in the village there is a cafe open for satisfying bigger appetites. The beach is dog friendly throughout the year.

Spectacular fossils

There are fascinating fossils to be viewed at low tide in the bay. These include ammonites as well as large marine reptiles such as ichthyosaurs. However if you make any finds do not try to forcibly extract them as fossil collecting with the use of hammers is prohibited at Kimmeridge.

One of the best collections of fossils in this area can be viewed at the Etches Collection museum which is in the village of Kimmeridge. It is the result of one man’s passion for fossil collecting. Steve Etches’ mission was not just to find and collect specimens, but also to bring to life the amazing stories of the creatures that existed in the Kimmeridgian age.

Car parking

To access Kimmeridge Bay, toll road and car parking charges apply:

  • Cars – £5
  • Motor Bikes – £1
  • Mini Buses/Motorhomes – £10
  • Cars with boat on roof – £10
  • Vehicle and trailer – £15
  • Coaches over 15 seats – £20

Where to find Kimmeridge Bay

Kimmeridge Bay
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40.5 miles from Highlands End and Eype Beach

42.6 miles from Golden Cap

38.4 miles from Graston Copse

16.5 miles from Sandyholme

* Place data from Google, including opening times is correct at time of publication. We always recommend checking with the destination attraction.

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