David Bellamy Conservation Awards

This award recognises the work the park does to protect and enhance the natural environment, and it is incredibly important to us to continue achieving this across all of our parks.

The park is assessed annually and we aim to improve and implement new projects every year. As part of this work, the park has also won a Honey Bee Friendly Award and awards for the work we do with Wildflowers, Hedgerows and Woodlands. You can read all about the conservation and wildlife work we do on our Wildlife & Environment page. For 2022 we have taken on the Pledge for Nature and are working through the challenges to complete it.

Jurassic Coast Trust Business Partner

West Dorset Leisure Holidays is a business partner of the Jurassic Coast Trust, an independent charity responsible for protecting and engaging people with the Jurassic Coast UNESCO World Heritage Site. The trust is strongly focused on helping people understand and enjoy the coastline here. Thanks to the kind donations of our visitors, West Dorset Leisure Holidays have raised almost £100,000 for the Jurassic Coast Trust since 2008!

Dorset Wildlife Trust Wildlife Supporter

WDLH is also a corporate member of the Dorset Wildlife Trust, earning us the title of Wildlife Supporter