The Dorset Knob Throwing Event

Sunday 1st May 2022

A world-famous competitive event - compete to throw a Dorset Knob the furthest and other fun activities

The Dorset Knob Throwing Event in Cattistock is packed with fun attractions and also hosts Frome Valley Food Fest

The Dorset Knob is a hard biscuit which makes a fine missile for competitive hurling! Three knobs are thrown underarm and the furthest is measured at its final resting place; unlimited entries are available per contestant and there are no age restrictions

Attractions including Knob Eating, Knob Painting, a Knob & Spoon Race, Guess the weight of the Big Knob, Knob Darts and a Knob Pyramid.  Entertainment will be laid on including live bands to make this a really enjoyable day out with a difference

The Frome Valley Food Fest will run along side the event. where you can sample and purchase a fine range of produce including hot food, bars, breads, cheeses, local ciders, meats game & poultry, pies, preserves, and puddings in addition to chocolate, coffee and wine supplied by well respected local businesses. and producers

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